Esqido Mink Lashes Review

Esqido Mink False Eyelashes BFF

Esqido False Lashes Review


If you’re a makeup enthusiast, you probably already know that genuine mink lashes are all the rave these days. Beauty supply and makeup shops have been carrying them for a while now but the retail price is insane! I’ve seen some range from $50-$70 depending on the thickness of the lashes. Thankfully for us, the internet offers the same great quality lashes at a discounted price.

Truth be told, I avoided mink lashes for the longest time because I always assumed that minks were harmed to create them. Fortunately, that’s not the case! The mink fur they use to make the lashes are collected from minks in free range zoos during shedding season. Shedding is painless so this causes no harm to the animal. You can breathe a sigh of relief now.


The mink lashes I’ll be reviewing today are by ESQIDO.  Their lashes range from $34-$42. This might seem expensive but the thing that makes these different from other false lashes is that they are made to be durable and long-lasting. You can get 25-30 wears from a pair of lashes. The lashes are presented in a cardboard box with a magnetic snap closure. Fancy schmancy stuff right there.

I have six pairs of lashes to review in this post. The pictures were taken when they were brand new.


1. BFF (best friends forever).  I love these because despite the volume, they’re light and comfortable to wear. The lash band is flexible and the length really makes your eyes stand out! I give these a 5/5. Perfect all around.


2. Lashlorette. These lashes have a unique combination of criss-cross and straight strands. Although they look a tad dramatic in the box, they are actually more on the natural side when worn. I give them a 4/5.  If they were a bit more voluminous, I’d give them a 5.


3. Miss Dolly. As the name suggests, these lashes will give your eyes that dolly appearance. The strands are evenly distributed with alternating lengths to give you the flirty look. These look natural in the box but once you have them on, you’ll feel like a real-life doll.  I give these a 5/5. Not complaints here.


4. Oh So Sweet . The strands are evenly criss-crossed along the band so they really give your eyes that wide-eyed look. The length is long without being too dramatic and the band is really flexible. I give these a 5/5.  Definitely one of my favorites.


5. Unforgettable. Some might think they wouldn’t be getting their money’s worth from this one because they’re not as voluminous as the rest. However, if you have short, sparse lashes like I do and you want an everyday fake lash that you can wear without feeling too overdone then this is it! I wear these almost every other day. They are the perfect length if want that “natural” look. I give these a 5/5.


6. Voila Lash. These are the most dramatic ones out of the bunch. Obviously, these are not your simple, everyday lashes. You need to wear a full face of makeup if you want to pull them off! The strands gradate outwards in length, with an additional layer of criss-crossed fur throughout the entire soft cotton band. I give these a 5/5. You will get your bang for your buck!

Have you tried ESQIDO False Lashes? Which pair is your favorite?